With our wedding now over D and I are in the “coming back to earth and dealing with the jobs” stage, and one of the tasks we had to do was to write to you to express our gratitude...

... for the performance provided by R and A. The girls were absolutely superb and the comments that we received from all our guests ware testament to the quality of their music and the selection of pieces they played.  They really were outstandingly good on the day and we count ourselves lucky that they were able to play for us. Of course, one of the problems with being the bride and groom is that, I suspect like others before us, the emotion of the day and all the other commitments on our time, interfered with our personal ability to listen with the attention I know was deserved, although it was all right for the guests who had nothing to distract them!  I know the Canon opened beautifully and was exactly how D would have wanted, but after the first couple of bars I was rather distracted by the sight of the bride approaching, and Dee was equally distracted by trying to walk to the front of the ceremony room.

Equally, the piece by Yarumi began exactly as we had hoped, but once the Registrar and photographer began demanding our attention we were not able to devote our time to listening to the girls.  It was only the piece by Savage Garden that we could freely listen to, and as soon as the Ceremony was over we were whisked off to the gardens for more photographs. Again, very many thanks for facilitating their performance at Chatsworth for us.  The girls were truly outstanding and played a most significant part in making our day so special.

Katie from Derbyshire, hired a Flute & Harp Duo